- Tax Returns for Foreign Students and Scholars Tax Solutions for Businesses

If your organization employes foreign nationals, your nonresident alien employees can greatly benefit by using our Web-based software to file and manage their taxes. Your organization can significantly improve the tax compliance management for your nonresident alien employees.

BusinessPRO Features

In addition to standard features and services we provide additional services for businesses employing foreign nationals.

Easy Web-based access, no software to purchase and load on your or your employees computer

Comprehensive Administrative services for employer's administrator, such as complete employee account administration and maintenance including status determination and ITIN application filing; effective communication of information through broadcast and alert messages; comprehensive reports generation for tax compliance, stats and usage

Multy year account maintenance and management for Administrator and employees.

Customer services to resolve your technical problems.

Signature and SignaturePRO programs.

Custom Solutions

We also have a custom program for businesses where for an additional fee we can provide a custom solutions to your business needs, such as integration with your existing applications and processes, or implementation of your specific business requirements not currenlty provided by our software.

Flexible Pricing

We provide various pricing options to meet your business needs. Whether it's a use based license or volume discount price, we will help you to determine the best option for you.

Contact Us

If you would like to obtain complete information on licensing, pricing and volume discounts or how to register for Business Account, please Contact Us at:

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