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Services for international students

Give your international students an easy to use, online tax preparation tool that will help them with filing nonresident 1040NR-EZ tax return, file mandatory Form 8843 to exclude the days of presence in US, and claim for refund of Medicare and Social Security tax on Form 843. They will also be able to file Form W-7 to apply for IRS ITIN.

Link to us

This Tax Year (2017) we are offering our basic features services. It includes online filing including residency status determination, Form 1040NR-EZ or Form 1040NR, Form 8843, Form 843, and Form W-7. Simply place a link to on your school page related to International Students taxation.

School license

Another option is to buy a school license. Register your school today. Select one of our license plans that fits your needs, and we'll register your school and give you School Administration Account and School's Registration Password. Give your students and scholars a free access to our software when you give them the School’s Registration Password. School Licensing Fee schedule for 2018, (Tax Year 2017)

The school license cost is based on the number of the Individual Records the institution needs. The school should decide how many foreign nationals will use the software. Each foreign national who accesses creates an Individual Record. Each foreign national will be able to file and print one 1040NR/EZ, one 8843 and FICA refund, if applicable. The Individual Records will be kept in the database until July 1, 2018. After that time all the Individual Records associated with the school will be deleted (unless there is an agreement with a different retention policy).

We offer product in the following license sizes.

Service PlanIndividual RecordsPrice
Plan 1Up to 50 records$300
Plan 2Up to 200 records$500
Plan 3Up to 500 records$800
Plan 4Up to 1000 records$1000

All Plans include All supported forms.

  to discuss the Special Service Plan for your school.

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